Created in 1996, South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council uses outreach programs through education and community circles to spread their message. Today we have two Peace Guides in our elementary schools; Kaposia and Lincoln. They assist with conflict resolution, friendship issues, and bullying. The Council has 501(c)(3) status and is funded by private donations, businesses, and PeaceMaker MN Foundation.



Restorative Justice is starting a new program for those ReEntering Citizenship from our prisons. This training will cover the Circle process and prepare volunteers for this new project in Dakota County.


July 21, 2013:  South St. Paul’s Historic Pill Hill Tour

Walking tours of this historic neighborhood was sponsored as a fundraiser.  The donations received will help fund the Restorative Justice Peace Guides at the two South St. Paul elementary schools; Kaposia Education Center and Lincoln Center Elementary. Peace Guides spend four hours a day at the schools, assisting the students to resolve bullying issues and helping students respect one another through the practice of communication skills and listening.

For more information, go to:  Pioneer Press or South St. Paul Voice or Star Tribune. To see photos of the homes, go to: Pioneer Press


April 26, 2013:  Jodelle Ista, South St. Paul Restorative Justice, receives Rotary’s Humanitarian Award

Former Peace Guide and chairperson of the board of South St. Paul Restorative Justice, Jodelle was recognized for her many years of service to the South St. Paul community. As a Peace Guide, she helped children take ownership of their behavior when it had harmed another person. Read the article in April issue of South St. Paul Voice.